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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The Role of Regulatory Bodies in The Fashion Industry

Regulatory bodies or regulatory authority is important to put legislations and laws that the Fashion Industry can follow to maintain certain standards and to avoid any errors. Also, the regulatory bodies represent the government figure as they have to ensure compliance...

The fashion industry in the United Kingdom has a few organizations that represent the regulatory body, as they control the standards of this industry, regulate and protect the companies involved, and ensure human rights.
BFC (British Fashion Council), this organization aims to get London to be global and reach the standards of other fashion cities. So they basically work on improving the British Designers' image, and showcase their best collections. Also, they do events like London Fashion Week, where they bring out the best of the British Fashion Industry. Moreover, the BFC organizes an awards event annually to encourage the designers to reach high levels of international fashion design standards.

In addition, BMI ( Body Mass Index) is an organization that controls and aims to put laws to monitor the size of the model and protect their health and humanity. Being models means being very unhealthy by eating very little in order to stay in shape, and skinny. A lot of organization opposes to the fashion industry which forces models to have very small sizes, and the BMI is one them as it indicates the limits of the sizes that the models can reach.

There some firms that are associated with protecting copyrights and helps designers to keep hold of their own designs. Also, these firms help designers in legal matters. Like the FDPA (Fashion & Design Protection Association) which is responsible in the situations that I mentioned.

I found a blog which follows the changes in the laws and regulations in the Fashion Industry and I found very interesting information and found them very useful as well. Click here to see the blog.

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