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Friday, 26 February 2010

Ownership Structure of The Fashion Design Industry (UK)

These following graphs show how the ownership of the fashion design industry is structured in the United Kingdom. What companies, organizations and institutions are associated with the fashion design industry... 

The structure of the Fashion Design industry’s ownership is centered on the Designers as they are the main creators of this industry. Then the ownership extends to include companies and institutions. It starts with the training institutions which train people who are interested in the fashion field and improve their creative skills. Also, the suppliers are a vital part of this industry as they provide materials that the Designers need to make their fashion collections. The modeling agencies become important once the collections are ready as the clothes, bags and shoes need to be worn and displayed by models, and here comes the role of the press which includes photographers who make photo shoots that are published in different media. Moreover, designers need marketing companies which include advertisement and public relations, this helps to make a good image for their brands, designs and to increase their sales. Also, Fashion events companies which organize and arrange fashion events like catwalks and parties. In addition, distributors make a major part of the business side of fashion design as they provide the clothes for the shops and private clients and this is how the fashion collections are exposed to the public. On top of all that, the most important part of this industry are the financiers as they sponsor the designers and provide them with money to keep going. Besides the ownership of the fashion design industry there are organizations that are involved in setting the rules like regulatory bodies and associations.

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