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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Music Industry: Music Piracy Vs. Music Subscription

The music industry is under severe pressure from people who download, burn and distribute free, albeit illegal, copies of copyrighted songs. Will subscription music services solve this problem?

For centuries music has be entertaining people and engaging them into this beautiful art of melodies. The music industry has been developing with the advancement of technology and the vocal effects. The music market has become so huge and with the media convergence, music became more accessible for people. Moreover, Internet made it even easier for people to listen to music through online stores, free downloading websites, and sharing websites. Online stores are completely legal and allow people to purchase the songs and albums they want online to download them straight into their computers, and that actually helps with the marketing for the singers and musicians. An example for an online music store is iTunes. As for the free downloading and sharing websites, people argue about should it be legalized or considered as an illegal action. Also, copying and burning CDs, should it be allowed or is it considered as being illegal too?

The way I see it is, although these kinds of websites exist, artist such as Lady Gaga reached the Diamond level of sales for her albums and that just proves that the music industry is not affects by the music piracy! There’s nothing that replaces the original CD and clear songs. Furthermore, free downloading should be legalized, as with all the new technologies people should be allowed to enjoy music for free. Its like a painting, people would rather to go watch it for free and admiring the art and beauty of it, the same goes for songs people want to listen to it and enjoy the melody, and of course if people liked the music they probably will buy the original CD. Everything that is illegal gives people the motives to break the rules and go around the laws. Moreover, subscription music services may work only for the fans of the musicians, but otherwise people wouldn’t subscribe and pay for a musician that they don’t really like, but they liked one of his/her songs, it just doesn’t make sense and still people will go around it. Probably hack the websites and still get the music they want for free. Music is a pure form of art that everyone should be allowed to listen to it and enjoy it. Although it is the musicians right to get money for what they are doing, but the statistics show that albums are still being sold, online stores are still going and people are still paying to listen to good music.

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