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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Relationship Between Fashion & Music Industries

Cultural industries are very related although the have so many difference. Due to convergence these industries became interdependent, and in this article I'm showing how Fashion and Music industries are related ...

Fashion and Music changed so much over the last few years, they transformed from being classic forms of art into crazy creative industries.

Fashion design is not about having classy and neat designs anymore, nowadays it became something way beyond. Fashion is about giving statements, being crazy and artistic. Fashion industry’s products are considered as modern art pieces as the designers blend, fuse and mix different materials, textures and colors to create their fashion lines. Moreover, you can tell a lot about people from they way they dress, the brands they wear and the way they combine their outfits.

As for the music industry, more music genres are created and more people are going into this field as it became more acceptable to be a musician and its considered as a great career nowadays. Music is everywhere now in shops, restaurants, phones, iPods, laptops, cars, and people are consuming so much music that they can’t live without it. It takes you from a mood to another as the songs can manipulate your feelings and thoughts.

Although music and fashion are completely different industries, but they are blending in and merging so perfectly that they became interdependent. They became very huge and popular and they are approaching a wide audience of people, as they are a part of people’s daily lives.

The advertising for these two industries is very huge now as the technology advancement boosts it. Songs, catwalks, new designs, latest news about music and fashion can be viewed everywhere now! TV, internet (Facebook, Youtube, gossip websites, official designers or musicians websites, mobile phones applications and many more..

Therefore, both industries became influential to people, specifically teenagers as they look up for the models, singers and musicians and consider them as role models. Also, fashion and music affect people’s behavior, taste, they dress, type of concerts they go to which will eventually determine what kind of people they hang out with, and what social group they belong to. For example fashion designer could launch a new line of clothes very punk or hippie and singers can wear them and as people like these singers they will copy them in what they wear and how they act.

One of the most famous fashion and music icons is Lady Gaga, she became known for both her music talents and her weird, interesting, amazing fashion taste. She gives a statement saying you can wear whatever you want without caring about others. Lady Gaga is a trendsetter, as people love what she’s doing and her uniqueness. Also, she is representing something new and everyone simply admire that. Moreover, Lady Gaga promotes for her fashion and the brand she wears in her music videos as they will be shown everywhere by almost everyone. Also, Gaga is in a position where she can use her popularity to promote her own products like her fashionable headphones that everyone is buying because it carries her name.

Also, Tokio Hotel band were hired by DSquared to model for their new collection in a fashion show, just because of how popular they are and the amount of fans they have got. As that fashion show was a success, the band hired the designer to make a new look for their tour. That’s an example of how the two industries work together to promote each other.

Looking at these examples shows how much music and fashion are going commercial and its not really about the talent anymore, it’s about what you represent and how you do it. Most of the people in these industries look for earning as much profit as they can, and in every way they can do it. Yet, people still admire fashion designers and musicians.

I think the future of both industries will be very technologically based as machines will do everything and there won’t be a need for huge crews. Also, I think a lot of things will be based on the virtual technology. Like models, singers, concerts, catwalks and you can have them at your home while sitting on your couch with friends and family! How cool would that be?

As cool as that may sound, convergence is affecting the two industries’ privacy, as everything will continue to be online and easy to copy. Designs will be copied and replicated, songs will be downloaded for free and gossip about celebrities of the fashion and music world will be spread so fast! But disregarding all this, the two industries are still successful and will continue to be successful!

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