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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The City of Fashion

A research showing the most important facts, figures and statistics of the fashion industry in the United Kingdom...

Starting my research about the Fashion Design industry in the United Kingdom, London, I found lots of information about how London has become a leading city in the fashion industry. By typing "Fashion industry in London" in any search engine, tons of websites, blogs, etc. will pop up. London has recently become a Fashion city, a destination for many fashion designer,  and many fashion events take place on the ground of London city. Also, many investors and business people became interested in this industry so the started funding and sponsoring fashion designers and events. According to statistics, a lot of students are going towards studying fashion related majors because they will probably have a great future in this industry. Although there are many existing fashion designers and many will get into this industry, its still going and they're becoming famous. People always look for new styles and fashion and the designers compete to bring out the best of the creative fashion world. 

Fashion Design is very important as fashion makes people feel good and confident by wearing nice, elegant, funky, stylish clothes that suits them and their personalities. Thus, the job of the fashion designers is to create outfits for variety of different people and different tastes. "Clothing can be an artistic expression - a projection of the image people want the world to see". ( 

There are lots of education institutions in the United Kingdom and especially in London that offer courses and degrees for Fashion Design, so London is a destination for fashion students as well. These courses prepare the students very well to get into the Fashion world by improving their skills and widening their vision of the fashion world and how to survive and succeed in it. 

Most fashion designers are self-employed as they start their businesses and try to grow, some others start working in big fashion companies and brands in order to obtain experience and be solid to enter the fashion world by themselves and create their own brands. Also, some fashion designers open their own boutiques to display their designs and make outfits for people upon request. Fashion designers earnings and profit depends on their reputation, the load of work, and how famous they are. It can range from £ 4000 to £ 50,000 and more, annually ( 

I believe that the Fashion Industry in London will keep on growing, and London will be the centre of the Fashion World. It always impresses me how people in London are aware of Fashion and how each individual have their own style and they are not shy or afraid of wearing what they want. The London-ers respect Fashion and are always motivated to change their styles and try new outfits and brands. Also, I think London holds a great future for all aspiring fashion designers and stylists. Personally, I am planning to work towards getting the skills and social network to help me to get my dream job as a fashion stylist. I think London will definitely offer me the opportunity to fulfill my dream. 

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