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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Recyclable Fashion!

A creation of a unique business idea based on a little exercise, which is basically writing three words and elaborating from them ...

One of the most interesting and creative assignments I had this semester was to Write three words which are related to my creative industry choice, which is Fashion Design, and from these words I have to create a business idea.
The words I wrote were: Fashion, Passion, Creativity.
After brainstorming and writing a bunch of related words, I came up with a business idea which I think is really cool..
Inspired by the recent Green Movement, I thought of creating a recyclable fashion line, in which recyclable materials and old fashion pieces are used to create new fashionable clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. Its going to be a revolution in the fashion world! ( I wish)
I thought that Lady Gaga can be a model for this new fashion line as she likes creative and weird outfits and she will be the best to model in these recyclable fashionable outfits.
This business aims to save money and support the green movement. I will call this new brand "I ♥ Green", and it's dedicated to Alexander McQueen who's a legend in the fashion world!

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